School visits

In addition to writing, I enjoy visiting schools and talking to students, discussing some of the themes arising from my books as well as running a variety of creative writing workshops suitable for any age and ability.

The sessions listed here are for in-person visits to a school, but I do offer Skype sessions and can provide short videos on request – do ask!


  • The Power of Stories – examining where we find stories and what responsibilities we have as both storytellers and as consumers. Should we accept the stories we are told? Or should we question them further…?
  • Truth or Dare? – discussing how to plan characters ahead of writing a story, followed by an exploration of bravery, honesty and identity through playing a live game of truth or dare, followed by a revealing ‘ask me anything’ session.
  • Better Friends – a deeply personal discussion of the themes arising from Second Best Friend, exploring how it feels to be compared to our peers and what we can do to help ourselves – and others – feel supported, cared for and valued.
  • Adapting Giant Days – part exploration of different storytelling formats; part discussion of the university experience. A ‘which Giant Days character are you?’ quiz subtly addresses how different people go about fitting in (or standing out).


  • Character Creation (Heroes and Villains) – students use popular characters from literature, TV and film to explore the importance of strengths, weaknesses and desire in developing believable heroes (and villains).
  • Character Creation (Advanced) – using Post-It notes, students break down popular characters from literature, TV and film, examining what role they play in telling a story and how different characteristics affect this role.
  • Doing the Dialogue – advanced workshop for confident writers who wish to improve on how they use dialogue in their creative writing.
  • Letters to Our Future Selves – a workshop inspired by the themes in UNBOXED specifically designed to encourage students who lack confidence in writing exercises.
  • Response to a picture – workshop developed specifically to address the Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing paper of the AQA English Language GCSE. (Also a fun exercise in planning your writing, if that’s not the paper your school has chosen.)

I offer either full days or one-off sessions and charge in accordance with the Society of Authors. If you are considering a visit and would like more information regarding the sessions I offer, please get in touch using the contact form.

Although these sessions have been developed with teen writers in mind, they are suitable for anyone writing children’s and teen fiction and I’m happy to visit writing groups or offer sessions for conferences.