From time to time people ask me for advice about writing. This is what I say:

  1. Write for no other reason than you enjoy it. The more you enjoy a thing, the more you’ll do it; the more you do a thing, the better you get.
  2. If you are a teenager writing, then be patient. Some writers find their voice immediately, for others (like me) it can take a while. This is not a race.
  3. Read as many advice articles as you want, pick and choose whatever advice works for you, ignore everything if none of it works. It’s an art, not a science and the only thing you need to do is create.


Despite eschewing anything but the vaguest possible writing advice, here’s some blogposts I’ve written:

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And here’s a blogpost by Annabel Pitcher that helped me when I was writing my first book, maybe it will help you too?